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When you enter our shop and schedule a session with one of our gifted Psychics, you will be shown into our private Spirit Parlor - light a candle for your ancestors at our altar, leave offerings and petitions at our shrines, receive guidance and messages in a tarot or bone throwing reading, and even further your magical education by scheduling a one-on-one magical coaching session.  For more information on our Psychics and the services we offer please visit our Psychic Services Page

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Of Dissolutions & Development with Sasha Ravitch


This bundle of five, 90-minute long classes helps students develop a foundational knowledge of the planet Saturn, aka the Greater Malefic, &  his magical and mytho-poetic role in astrology, his role in your natal chart, his influence as a transitioning planet, & both ceremonial & mundane ways of strengthening or softening his influence.

While these classes may be taken individually, each builds upon the last to teach you how to begin synthesizing the information (i.e. house + sign + aspects = this remediation). Students are encouraged to submit their own natal chart (in the whole sign house system) to be used (anonymously!) as an example in the class, but we will also examine the charts of celebrities & public figures to help see Saturn in action.

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