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Purveyors of Fine Occult Goods

Help us found The Chapel of Maria Padilha

Maria Padilha das Sete Encruzilhadas
Hominagem for Mara Padilha das Sete Encruzilhadas
Salve bom povo da rua

For the past seven years, The Cauldron Black has offered quality occult goods, ethical divination services, inspiring magical education, and bespoke spiritual advice from our dedicated chapel and retail space, hosting a range of community events and charitable food drives, as well as co-organizing and sponsoring the Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival.


Our driving motivation has always been to work our socially-conscious witchcrafts from our altars and activism to protect, uplift, and empower our clients and community. And now we want to do even more work for and with our wonderful community of spiritual and magical practitioners!


We are looking to expand The Cauldron Black into a multi-location Occult General Store, and to continue to foster safe community spaces across New England and North America. Part of our expansion – guided by the fierce firelight and protection of one of our most powerful patron spirits – will include registering our Chapel of Maria Padilha as a community space with a particular dedication and focus on aiding our marginalized and at-risk community members.


Our goal is for our expanded Church services to include:

· Registering The Chapel of Maria Padilha as a recognized church, holding 501(c)3 status, with ordained ministers and a board of directors.

· Offer candle lighting & community prayer services

· Protection prayers & workings for community activists and at-risk community members

· Sliding-scale payment options for Spiritual Services for those experiencing economic hardship

· Grief counseling with trained clergy

· Certification for our clergy in First Aid, CPR, & NARCAN

· Death Doula certification for our clergy with INELDA

· Ride share services for community members for voter registration & voting, doctor appointment visits, abortion care, gender affirming medical care, mental health visits, funeral services & mourning care

· and much more!


We at The Cauldron Black firmly believe that spiritual practice goes hand-in-hand with community activism, organization, and mutual aid. We believe our witchcrafts are a potent resort of the marginalized and those moved by the plight of others to raise our voices, our hands, and every magical tool at our disposal to work towards the better world we know is possible.


We invite each and every one of you who feel similarly – that magic is not merely a bygone escapism, but a real and life-changing means for conjuring robust social change – to join us in carving out and enriching these empowering spaces and services.


And so we are asking for your donations to lend your support to this next phase of realizing our ongoing commitment to fighting injustice and lending real spiritual aid to those in crisis in our communities.

**Please note The Chapel of Maria Padilha will in no way offer any initiations of any kind into any ATR lineages or traditions. This chapel is named in honor of the historical figure of Maria Padilha, whose numerous good works and charitable contributions have inspired our community work here in Salem, MA. This is a non-denominational organization.

Spiritual Consultations
Samhain Ritual 2019

When you enter our shop and schedule a session with one of our gifted spiritual consultants, you will be shown into our private Spirit Parlor - light a candle for your ancestors at our altar, leave offerings and petitions at our shrines, receive guidance and messages in a tarot or mediumship session, and even further your magical education by scheduling a one-on-one magical coaching session.  For more information on our spiritual consultants, and the services we offer please visit our spiritual consultations Page.

Upcoming Events

Diviners on Divining: Exploring Divination Theory & Remediation with Jesse Hathaway Diaz
- Wednesday May 8th - 7pm - Online Only -

Diviners on Divining with Jesse Hathaway Diaz

Part of the ongoing Diviners on Divining Series, hosted by The Cauldron Black, moderated by Dr Alexander Cummins

Why do we divine? To know our fate? To possibly alter it? Given so many philosophical models of destiny and determinism, divination can operate within many cosmovisions, often the diviner and the querent do not discuss or even need to agree upon the modes of personal belief. In instances where divination is representative of a specific cultural praxis or spiritual tradition, perhaps some of these ways of thinking are more agreed upon, or are meant to be exemplified through the divination process. When does the divination begin? What does it predict? Who is speaking? Is this mere ‘fortune-telling’ or is it something more comprehensive? Is there room for traditional models of diagnostic divination in the modern atheistic materialist paradigm?

The Cauldron Black Community

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