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When you enter our shop and schedule a session with one of our gifted Psychics, you will be shown into our private Spirit Parlor - light a candle for your ancestors at our altar, leave offerings and petitions at our shrines, receive guidance and messages in a tarot or bone throwing reading, and even further your magical education by scheduling a one-on-one magical coaching session.  For more information on our Psychics and the services we offer please visit our Psychic Services Page

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The Mighty Dead 2021 12-part Class Series -

begins January 2021

The Cauldron Black is delighted to announce a year-long,  twelve-part monthly series dedicated to The Mighty Dead: historic, influential, prolific (and occasionally infamous!) witches, magicians, occultists, conjure folk, seers, and diviners.


This class series will begin in January 2021 and run through December 2021. Once a month, The Cauldron Black will feature a guest speaker who will present their class on a particular figure or aspect of the elevated dead, lineage ancestors, heroic cultus, and/or the tutelary shades of returned and ennobling souls.


Through this study and celebration of such magically proficient shades, we will seek to explore useful tools, techniques, and tuition from these necromantic patrons for contemporary magical practitioners of all stripes, creeds, and persuasions.


Attendees will have the option to purchase individual class tickets, or buy an entire year-pass at a significant discount.

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