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When you enter our shop and schedule a session with one of our gifted spiritual consultants, you will be shown into our private Spirit Parlor - light a candle for your ancestors at our altar, leave offerings and petitions at our shrines, receive guidance and messages in a tarot or mediumship session, and even further your magical education by scheduling a one-on-one magical coaching session.  For more information on our spiritual consultants, and the services we offer please visit our spiritual consultations Page.

Upcoming Events

Viriditas in Action:
Hildegard von Bingen's Practical Magic
with Phoebe Hildegard Finch


Herbalist, Visionary Mystic, Musical Composer, and Protofeminist Reformer Hildegard von Bingen wrote many works in her lifetime. One of the most useful for practical magic is her Physica. Originally known as the Liber Simplicis Medicinæ, or “Book of Medicinal Simples”, this compendium in nine volumes explains the medico-magical uses of natural beings such as plants, animals, stones, metals, and more.



Just in time for Hildegard’s feast day (September 17), Phoebe Hildegard Finch will present on nine herbal folk magic workings embedded in Hildegard’s Physica. Though her medieval catholicism kept Hildegard from openly conceiving of these works as spells, Ms. Finch will demonstrate how they function by principles still followed today in the folk magics of rootwork, conjure and cunning craft.

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