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When you enter our shop and schedule a session with one of our gifted spiritual consultants, you will be shown into our private Spirit Parlor - light a candle for your ancestors at our altar, leave offerings and petitions at our shrines, receive guidance and messages in a tarot or mediumship session, and even further your magical education by scheduling a one-on-one magical coaching session.  For more information on our spiritual consultants, and the services we offer please visit our spiritual consultations Page.

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"That the Spirits of the Universe May Breathe Through Her Lips" -- Victorian Spiritualist Techniques for the Present Day
- with Phoebe Hildegard Finch - 
- Friday 1/19/24 - 7pm - Online Only -

Copy of Copy of DoD-Stellar Witchcraft.png

In this class, Phoebe Hildegard Finch will discuss the history, evolution, and practical operation of the séance. Simple methods for at-home séance work will be drawn from Emma Hardinge Britten’s 1870 pamphlet on the subject. We will explore the praxis of spiritualism in the Victorian period and follow its evolution through multiple avenues to the present day.

From the table-rapping of the Fox Sisters to France’s Allan Kardec, to Mother Leafy Anderson and the Spiritualist Churches, to the many forms of Espiritismo and contemporary Umbanda, the séance has played a central role in many global experiences of mediumship since its introduction in the Victorian era.

Issues of safety and consent with possessing spirits will be explored, as well as spiritual elevation and protection. We will discuss the similarities and differences between the approach of the spirit medium and that of the necromancer. We will explore historical and contemporary methods for developing mediumistic ability and outline productive ways to work with spirits across the life–death divide.

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