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Build a Life-Affirming Relationship with the Lord of the Dead

My name is more often spoken with revile than gratitude or adoration. If only the living could see the power of their veneration.Why would they not want to see the home of their ancestors thrive?

Aides. Aidoneus. The Unseen One. Known by many monikers, Hades is one of the most recognizable yet misunderstood Greek gods. Through myth, storytelling, and practical exercises, Jamie Waggoner shows you how Hades is more than the keeper of souls and the land of the dead. She reveals his true nature and provides everything you need to develop your unique devotional practice.


Discover Hades' real story with passages written in his own words, excerpts from historical texts, and Jamie's personal experiences. Cultivate sacred interactions with him through rituals, trance journeys, altar tending, and other magical activities. With Hades' wisdom, you will develop a deep appreciation for the glorious spectrum of experience we can have in this mortal lifetime.


Includes a foreword by Morpheus Ravenna, author of The Magic of the Otherworld

Hades: Myth, Magic & Modern Devotion

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