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Circe Academy
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Circe Academy of Feral Greek Folk Magic 

All levels and traditions are welcome to join us in this guided, self-paced, ongoing witchcraft education designed to provide a complete system of modern practice for the solitary witch: 


Classes in this series feature feral yoga, meditation, and ritual training to embody and invoke the wand-wielder, shapeshifter, poisoner, curse-breaker, healer, necromancer, weaver, and Nymph: the Titaness daughter of Sun and Sea: Kirkiya(Circe) Pharmakiya(Witch). Although all classes, courses, rituals and workshops will emphasize Circe as witch-archetype, goddess of magic, and ancestral portal, they are designed to be accessible through a variety of lenses and traditions.


The theme of these curated class is an exploration of Circe as an energetic archetype/psychic vortex, Titaness/Goddess, embodiment of witchcraft, and ancestral portal through a multidimensional animist lens based on traditional folklore, modern witchcraft theory, and personal gnosis. This step by step,  year long program is designed for the solitary practitioner who wants a complete immersion and optional self-initiation into Kirkean (Circe-focused) witchcraft, with drop-in classes and courses open to the public. Our coursework will culminate in a Salem Witch Power Immersion as a public offering (drop-ins welcome), and a private guided/coached Invocation of The Spirit as an option for those who complete the entire training.

Circe Academy members will meet once a month to connect the dots between all the classes and workshops and explore the prep work for Invoking The Spirit as the completion of the program. Members will also have private access to Circe Academy class content, meet-ups and texts that are exclusive perks for Circe Academy only. Enrollment is limited and requires a live Zoom interview and signed agreement. Invoking The Spirit is not mandatory to the training. All other classes, courses, workshops, and rituals will be open to the public. 

Circe Academy Class List
  • 2021 Classes -

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