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Circe Academy of Feral Greek Folk Magic 

All levels and traditions are welcome to join us in this guided, self-paced, ongoing witchcraft education designed to provide a complete system of modern practice for the solitary witch: 


Classes in this series feature feral yoga, meditation, and ritual training to embody and invoke the wand-wielder, shapeshifter, poisoner, curse-breaker, healer, necromancer, weaver, and Nymph: the Titaness daughter of Sun and Sea: Kirkiya(Circe) Pharmakiya(Witch). Although all classes, courses, rituals and workshops will emphasize Circe as witch-archetype, goddess of magic, and ancestral portal, they are designed to be accessible through a variety of lenses and traditions.


The theme of these curated class is an exploration of Circe as an energetic archetype/psychic vortex, Titaness/Goddess, embodiment of witchcraft, and ancestral portal through a multidimensional animist lens based on traditional folklore, modern witchcraft theory, and personal gnosis. This step by step,  year long program is designed for the solitary practitioner who wants a complete immersion and optional self-initiation into Kirkean (Circe-focused) witchcraft, with drop-in classes and courses open to the public.

Circe Academy Membership+

When you register for Circe Academy Membership+, you get access to ALL of the Circe Academy classes for 2024, as well as the following perks:

  • Unlimited Access to the Circe Academy Membership+ Forum

  • Access to ALL 2024 Circe Academy Class Recordings until January 31st, 2025

  • 4x15 Minute Spiritual Consultation/Magical Coaching Check-ins during 2024

  • Special shopping discounts at The Cauldron Black (a year-long discount as well as special discounts for each season)

  • 10% off All other upcoming class registrations

2024 Circe Academy Class List
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