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Spiritual Consultation Terms & Conditions
  • Our Spiritual Consultants require you to wear a mask during your in-person session for the health & safety of our high-risk employees. If our consultant requests you wear a mask, and you are uncomfortable doing so, please let us know and we will happily schedule a remote phone or zoom session for you.

  • ALL CLIENTS MUST BE 18+ YEARS OF AGE. Our desk staff may ask to see your ID to verify your age before booking your session. There are no exceptions for anyone under the age of 18.

  • If any client arrives at an appointment inebriated or under the influence, they will forfeit their appointment and will not be subject to a refund. Sobriety is mandatory for anyone attending a Spiritual Consultation session. If the desk staff or your consultant feel you are inebriated before or during your session, you will be asked to leave and not subject to a refund. Clarity of mind and attention to the consultant are key to receiving a meaningful session.

  • We do not offer couples sessions or group sessions.

  • Clients understand the purpose of the Spiritual Consultations & Services offered at The Cauldron Black are for clarity & guidance for the client. These sessions are not offered for entertainment purposes. If any client is rude or disrespectful to our consultants & their talents, they will be removed from The Cauldron Black & not subject to a refund.

  • If you or your consultant are not satisfied with the session within the first five (5) minutes of the appointment, you will receive a refund for the service, or if available, a session with another Consultant. Refunds are not applicable after the first five (5) minutes of the session, no matter how early the Consultant or the client choose to end the session.

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