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Drink deliciously and magickally with this exquisite compendium of potent mystical beverages, with witchy wisdom from author Shawn Engel and expertly crafted cocktails from mixologist Steven Nichols. For thousands of years, witches young and old have concocted mysterious potions to heal, to divine the future, to get in touch with the energies of the planet—and just to have fun. Includes a broad range of drinks for every purpose, whether it's a trio of beverages celebrating the energies of the maiden, mother, and crone (with notes of pomegranate, fig, and smoke respectively), or an eminently sippable mint-based money magick brew for prosperity, this book is a party with a purpose. Not only are these drinks fun and shareable, they contain ingredients with ancient magickal significance. The "Keep it Hexy" is a delicious vodka-based cocktail perfect for kick-starting a memorable evening, and contains black pepper to return a hex to sender.


Hardcover book; 5 x 7 inches; 144 pages.

Witch's Brew: Magickal Cocktails To Raise the Spirits

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