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One of the oldest hoodoo formulas, van van oil provides magical protection, opens roads, clears obstacles, changes bad luck around, brings prosperity, cleanses, kills jinxes and curses, and empowers amulets, charms and mojo bags. It is a go-to all purpose oil that acts as a sort of jet fuel for magical workings. A must have when consecrating tools and to wear on one’s person.


Contains: essential oils of 5 different Asian grasses, pyrite, lemongrass and more.


  • Disclaimer: Contains essential oils. A skin test is recommended prior to use.
  • Do not ingest. We have not had any issues thus far. However, we are not responsible for any reactions you may have to our products.
  • Carrier oils we use are fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, mineral oil and olive oil.

Van Van Oil by Calamus & Honey

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