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The Baths are a place of cleansing and cooling, a chamber of communing with the mysteries of water and healing. Where we wash away the spiritual detritus and irritants of the evil-eyes of daily life, we are renewed, strengthened, and prepared in body, soul, and spirit for ritual practice and sorcerous endevour. Here Hygeia’s regimens of balms and blessings brew spiritual baths to soothe and relax as well as replenish and empower. In the Baths, you can find Bath Salts, Soaps, Skincare, Body Lotion, Bath Bombs, Bubble Bath, Beard Care and the many elixirs and preparations of purification and tranquility.

"A seething bath, which yet men prove
Against strange maladies a sovereign cure ...
And healthful remedy for men diseased."

— William Shakespeare

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