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‘Vegvísir’ is the name of a famous Icelandic magical sign. It means ‘signpost’ or ‘guide’, and that is exactly what this book is. In this outstanding new volume, a follow-up to “Icelandic Magic: Aims, Tools and Techniques of the Icelandic Sorcerers” (Avalonia 2015), Christopher Alan Smith goes a step further and teaches how to apply these techniques in your life for success, wealth, contentment, or whatever it is that you fervently wish for. Beginning with a devastating attack on the frivolities and anxieties of the modern world, the author guides you, chapter by chapter, towards alignment with mythic reality and the development of latent skills that you always had, but never realised.

Based on nearly 50 years of magical practice, and with an empathy born of experience, he patiently encourages you to inherit the abilities that are yours by right, and challenges you to make use of these. There are many people in the world, all mortal. Will you be one of those who prove themselves somewhat more than mortal: the seed of the gods?

Vegvísir: A Practical Guide to Runic and Icelandic Magic

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