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The Wizard Popes of the 11th Century offers for the first time an English translation of the remarkable passage from the writings of pseudo-Cardinal Beno in which he deals with the alleged involvement of a whole series of Roman pontiffs in the occult arts.


It is not generally known, even to students of history, that Cardinal Beno directed his accusations of sorcery not only at Sylvester II, but also at Benedict IX, Gregory VI and Gregory VII. While Benedict IX is almost universally regarded as one of the most corrupt and depraved popes ever, Gregory VII, whom Beno portrays as the apex (or nadir) of this strange circle of necromant-pontiffs, is today venerated and revered as a canonized saint in the Catholic Church.


Through his translation, Fr. Robert Nixon offers a fascinating insight and illuminating perspective into both the history and legend of those dark and distant times.

The Wizard-Popes of the 11th Century

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