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“I shall go into a hare, with sorrow and sych and meickle care. And I shall go in the Devil's name, ay while I come home again.”
Freely given to us during the trials of Isobel Gowdie in 1662, this rhyme is arguably the most popularly cited incantation in modern times in reference to historical witchcraft. The detailed accounts of her initiation and the magic taught to her by the Devil in the kirkyaird of Nairne, all confessed without the use of torture, is a treasure trove of information that is invaluable to historians and modern practitioners alike.
In this installment of The Mighty Dead series, we will begin by discussing the socio-political events that took place in early modern Scotland that ignited the various waves of persecution against suspected witches. Consider the interactions between the orthodoxy of the Christian church combined with the fairy beliefs of rural Scottish common-folk. And finally examine Isobel’s recounts of her relationship with the Devil, interactions with the Fairy Queen and King, and the magical workings and incantations she learned from these figures both through the lens of history and their influence upon contemporary expressions of witchcraft.


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Failure to uphold this NDA may result in legal action.

The Mighty Dead Class Series - In a Hare’s Likeness

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