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by Rabbi Solomon translated by Ebenezer Sibley

Ritualists, occultists, and collectors will love this complete, four-color edition of the Mysteries of Magic (also known as The Clavis) by Ebenezer Sibley and Rabbi Solomon. The Clavis was created during the high point of calligraphic Victorian grimoires, and it became one of the most important grimoires in circulation during the 19th century. This attractive hardcover edition includes commentary and transcription by Dr. Stephen Skinner and Daniel Clark, and it also features content derived from Frederick Hockley's manuscripts. This book is a very significant magical text with details of practice that are not found in other grimoires, and this edition—with its more than 200 pages of additional commentary and explanation—will be a treasure to those who have a passion for the historical underpinnings of occult magic.

Partial Table of Contents:

Preface: Ebenezer Sibley

Part 1. Clavis or Key

Part 2. The Pentacles

Part 3. Four Experiments with Specific Spirits

Part 4. The Wheel of Wisdom

Part 5. A Secret and Complete Book of Magic Science

Part 6. Crystallomancy

Part 7. Miscellaneous Examples and Experiments

Part 8. Geomancy

Part 9. Magical Experiments

Part 10. Magical Tables


Background to Magic

The Present Manuscript

Analysis of the Magic in the Clavis

The French Source

English Sources

Versions of the Clavis Manuscript

Short Biographies of the Main Players

Ebenezer Sibley

John Denley

Robert Cross

Frederick Hockley

Major F G Irwin

Robert Thomas Cross aka Raphael

Transcription of the Full Text of the Clavis

Appendix 1. Contents of all known Manuscripts of Sibley's Clavis

Appendix 2. Mélusine and the Wyvern



The Clavis or Key to Unlock the Mysteries

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