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Hands have always held a deep meaning in the victorian era. Often symbolizing the mediums hand (psychic, and other mystics). It would also represent the hand of someone once beloved that has passed as a representation of the forever hold our loved ones have on us, even after life.


Hands have gone on to have deeper meanings for different things, but their prevalence in the victorian era is heavy. Hands and eyes are two of our favorite symbols... Two of the healers, seers, and clairvoyants tools. Hand designed, adorned with small plastic pearls on front and back around wrist and ring. “pearls bring tears.” myth, legend, and religion, as well as ancient and modern metaphysics have spoken of the gems in glowing terms. Given pearl symbolism of wisdom, enlightenment, innocence, serenity, protection, and longevity, it's safe to say that pearls are associated with good luck.


Silver, hangs on a 30 inch chain. Comes in jewelry box with matching label 

Scarlet Apparition Necklace

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