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One copper electroformed Rainbow Moonstone Earth Snake complete on an 18" soldered gunmetal chain.

Gunmetal and antique copper patina pendant. Recently, Scientists have described a strikingly colored new species of snake found in the mountains of the Sierra Zongolica, Veracruz. This snake, with a vivid orange and black banding pattern on its body belongs to a group (Geophis) that is referred to as EARTH SNAKES. The mountains of west-central Veracruz, where the new species was discovered, is yet to be thoroughly explored and could yield many more undescribed species of earth snakes. FASCINATING! These snakes clutch a marquis Rainbow Moonstone, it is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. These snakes have patterns on foliage and moons throughout its body.

Snakes measure approximately 35mm x 20mm.

Size, shape, and color may vary as no two stones or snakes are alike. 

Rainbow Moonstone Earth Snake Necklace

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