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A Catholic Grimoire compiled from the writings of Ângelo Sequeira, for the acquisition and sustenance of Grace, the Blessing of the Virgin, the succour of her Divine Son our Lord, and the patronage of one hundred and twenty Saints.   English translation by José Leitão. 

Precious Apothecary is a translation of Botica Preciosa, a Catholic Grimoire compiled by Ângelo de Sequeira Ribeiro do Prado (1707-1776) who was perhaps the most important Brazilian missionary in history. The Botica Preciosa (1754) was his first book and is a collection of prayers, devotions and exercises to the Lady of the Rock and 120 other Saints. Suffused with the author’s missionary purpose the book also contains the consecrations and blessings for oils, flowers, statues and food, as well as exorcisms and prayers for many ailments intended for situations where no priests were available. This is a leading work of pragmatic religious practice in which Sequeira addressed the devotional needs of the ordinary people, and thereby gained a significant following in both Portugal and Brazil.

This work presents an exceptional insight into practices outside the influence of a Protestant narrative, offering a window into the multifaceted world of baroque Catholicism, heresies, deviations and Rigorist movements within this. The Catholic Pantheon of Saints is introduced, together with its hierarchy and the techniques needed to access and work with them. The book also includes extensive instructions on the creation and consecration of the materia sacra/ magica, rarely found outside of liturgical literature.

This grimoire presents a system which will appeal to Catholics (and other Christians) with an interest in magic, and those exploring pre-contemporary forms of spirit work from within a Christian framework. It is likewise essential reading for occult scholars and practising magicians interested in exploring Christian Magic, seeking sources for folk magic and expanding their knowledge of the grimoire tradition.

Precious Apothecary: A Catholic Grimoire

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