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St. Gertrude of Nevilles Retablo Patron Saint of Cats and Cat Lovers, invoked against Rodents

St. Gertrude was born in 626 AD in Belgium to Itta and Pepin of Landen. Her family was very pious. Itta founded two monasteries for monks and nuns. Gertrude was the abbess. She was known for her generosity to pilgrims and travelers. She relinquished her abbess position at age 30 so she could meditate, study and pray more. She died at the age of 33. She is often depicted with rodents running up her staff, which some say represent the souls in purgatory rising up into heaven. She is invoked against rodents and that is how she became patron of cats and cat lovers.

"St. Gertrude, you are a woman of great example both for your intellect and your heart. With joy and compassion I meet my students' needs so that their minds and hearts are inspired and enriched."

Measures - 1 1/2" x 3 1/4"

Pocket Saints - St Gertrude of Nivelles

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