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This beautiful necklace was designed based on an 1800s casket plate. The phrase ‘our darling’ was a significant loss of a loved one. Mourning practice was a very important part of victorian culture, and wasn’t seen as dark as it’s portrayed today. It was more of a “memento mori”- a popular phrase that means ‘remember you will die.’ this is meant to remind you to savor the moment and live life to its fullest, for some day, we will not be here anymore.


Mourning practice was meant to help those who have lost someone grieve. To feel the feelings to the fullest that we tend to repress now. There is something beautiful about embracing the natural order of things instead of burying them away. This necklace is adorned on glass black rosary style beads. These are mimicking the jett beads seen in most mourning jewelry from the 1800 &1900s. This one of a kind necklace is a beautiful piece that is an ode to history.


This is a hand made item and lengths may vary.

Our Darling Casket Plate Necklace

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