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Zine / Pamphlet. Published by Microcosm! Menstruation Sensation!!: A Practical Guide to Navigating the World of 21st Century Menstruation and Alternative Menstrual Products So what exactly is your period? What are the options for care that will help you function like 'normal'? (whatever that may be!) How are other ladies, like and unlike yourselves, dealing with their own monthly visitor?” If you have questions like this, this friendly, conversational zine is your new best friend! Topics covered include “Anatomy 101,” “Types of Reusable Menstrual Products,” “Startling Facts about Disposable Menstrual Products,” and much, much more! This informative, heavily-illustrated guide to your monthly cycle is lookin' out for you with heaps of helpful advice, myth bustin', and additional reading. Totally fun and totally usable!

Menstruation Sensation!! (Zine)

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