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First wife of Adam, and equal to him, both made in the image of Elohim (god/dess).


She holds the rod and ring of Sumerian royalty. Lions and owls symbolize her power and wisdom.

The First Feminist, dating to 2300 BCE or earlier. This powerful dark-mother goddess is referred to as a demon by Levite priests who wrote the Bible, likely due to her assertive behavior at a time when patriarchy was new. 


A Sumerian and Hebrew Goddess, she is referred to as the hand of Inanna, who gathered males into the temple for sacred sexual rites. In our tradition she was the original wife of Adam, with whom she claimed equality because they were created together in the image of Elohin (a word for "God" which had feminine as well as masculine linguistic roots). In her hands she holds the rod and ring of Sumerian royal authority (or glyph of 100,000).


Lilith wears a stepped crown or turban and is accompanied by the  bird of wisdom and the king of beasts.


Some scholars name this image Ishtar or Erishkegal.

[Colville collection, c. 2300 BCE]

5" x 6" unfinished Ganges clay plaque.

Lilith Wall Plaque

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