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Lilith (1889)

by John Collier (England, 1850-1934) 


The apparent sweetness of this work by John Collier, a Pre-Raphaelite painter, is a wonderful testimony of the two sides of Lilith’s figure. Juggling between the images of sensuality, beauty, and that of a cold murderess, Collier is one of the artists that has transformed her image. From the Assyrio-Babylonian goddess, later known as the first woman in Jewish mythology, Lilith slowly turns into a powerful icon. The contrasting colors of the painting, and its warm palette, further enhance the atmosphere that emerges from the work. This use of the colors, in Lilith as well as in Collier’s other portraits, earned him a certain recognition from his contemporaries.


This item is screen printed on stretched canvas and measures 12"x18"x1.25"

"Lilith" By John Collier Rectangle Canvas Wrap

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