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“The talisman I created using the very methods Gary has outlined in this book helped guide me, inevitably, to both my inner and outer gold.  It took me on a journey to arrive at my own microcosmic sun.”  - Benjamin Turale, The Temple of Mercury

An essential practical guide to the art of talismanic magick, Liber Sigillum expertly guides you through the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to incorporate the creation and empowerment of planetary, elemental and angelic talismans into your work. A talisman can act as a battery of power for the magician, emanating will and intent across planes of existence as well as the everyday world. Just as fascinating for the curious newcomer as the experienced practitioner, this critical but often overlooked aspect of the Western Magickal Corpus is made accessible to all. Author Gary St. Michael Nottingham translates his many years of valuable practical experience into clear and straightforward practical exercises and examples.

Drawing on the age-old wisdom of the Corpus Hermeticum, grimoires, Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy and the Picatrix, this exceptional work not only teaches methods for the physical creation of talismans, the importance of the celestial conditions and how to call upon both angelic and demonic powers as necessary, but also the crucial nature of personal emotional engagement and focus. The author's experience shines through the original development of techniques he shares in this volume in print for the first time. Whether you are just starting on a ritual magic path or are a seasoned practitioner of witchcraft and the occult yourself, Liber Sigillum is bound to become a treasured and oft-consulted companion.

“We are created in the likeness of God therefore those powers which make up God are expressed within ourselves, even if they lie dormant or are not apparent.  It is this which allows us to approach the realms of the Gods, and like Prometheus 'steal their Fire' as we challenge our fate with the very powers of the Gods themselves.  No other being in creation can do this... for it is the fate of man to challenge the Gods, even with their own power. For mankind is not a snivelling wretch, burdened with sin and Christian guilt, but a glorious being made in the image of God and bearing his powers. Therefore let us not forget how the Corpus Hermeticum tells us.... ‘For the human is a God-like living thing...’ ”

- Gary St. Michael Nottingham in Liber Sigillum

Liber Sigillum: Of The Lords Who Wander

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