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Hot foot powder is an especially useful tool to harmlessly drive away unwanted people. Whether it be a pesky neighbor or roommate you want to move away, partner you want to break up with, or any trouble makers you want to rid your life of, this powder is a powerful ally. Hot foot powder falls under “foot track magic” which is derived from Africa.

One of many popular methods of using hot foot powder is to sprinkle it across the target’s foot track or on the door step where he or she walks while naming them, some spit where they sow the powder to seal the working and activate it. If sprinkling it on the doorstep it is wise to mix with dirt from said person’s yard as to not arise suspicion. WARNING: Highly flammable and made with hot peppers. Keep away from flame, eyes and mucous membranes. Gloves and a mask are recommended when handling.

Hot Foot Powder by Calamus & Honey

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