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Copper electroformed Rainbow Moonstone Gunmetal Snake complete on an 18" soldered gunmetal chain. Gunmetal patina pendant.

Snakes are one of the most commonly symbolized creatures throughout human history; and also across various cultures. In ancient Greece, snakes were mostly a symbol of good luck. Additionally, our Greek ancestors would often craft various artifacts as snakes as a way to ward off evil. In ancient Egypt, there was an Egyptian God called Wadjet, she was the daughter of the Sun God, protector of Egypt; the spirit that would ward off all evil and preserve the health of the empire. This God was symbolized as a Cobra. These snakes envelop a Rainbow Moonstone, it is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence.

Snakes measure approximately 1.5".

Size, shape, and color may vary as no two stones are alike.

Gunmetal & Rainbow Moonstone Snake Necklace

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