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One copper electroformed Gunmetal Coffin Nail complete on a 26" gunmetal ball chain.

Darkened copper patina pendant. Coffin nails have been used for centuries in ritual magic, sometimes for positive spell work, but most often for hexing or spells of malice. These are genuine, heavy metal square nails. We can not authenticate these nails as nails used for coffins. We purchased them as coffin nails from an estate in New Orleans. Nails measure approximately 4.0". Size, shape, and color may vary.

*Liver of sulfur is applied to form a black (gunmetal) patina on our copper. If a pendant is rubbing back and forth on skin it may start to lose its darkened appearance revealing the natural copper. Each piece is sealed with a metal sealant/protectant, however there currently isn’t a product on the market that lasts indefinitely. 

Gunmetal Antique Coffin Nail Necklace

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