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This small bowl features a Ouija board inspired Goodbye design screen printed in bronze mica onto a wispy mix of black, white and clear glass, then fused in a kiln to about 1400 degrees. Glass is then cold worked, returned to the kiln to drape into final shape at about 1250 degrees. This dish is screen printed, kiln formed glass, 5" round and about 2" high. The bottom disc of glass is cut a little larger to create a lip of color at the top edge. Because the pieces are draped over a stainless steel mold, the inside is slightly matte, creating a nice contrast with the super shiny outside.

Small bowls are great for fruit, olive or nut bowls, salsas and dips, hold small trinkets and make cute decorative accents. They are food safe and it is recommend you hand wash, though they can go in the dishwasher (China cycle for glass).

Goodbye Ouija Glass Offering Bowl

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