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This specialized floral insect wall hanging is the perfect addition to your home, or a gift to give. This is crafted from 1/8th inch birch wood, and has exquisite floral engraving on the front of each bug. Each insect is held together by vegan leather cord. The top has a large jump loop for easy hanging, in addition to an extra loop of leather at the bottom for added crystals. Make sure you take a look at the detail image which shows the intricate engraving. Since each piece is unique, the pictures will vary from what’s shown online depending on engraving depths.



  • 7” wide x 2’ high
  • Crafted from birch wood -1/8th inch thick
  • Engraved detail on front
  • Vegan Leather
  • Stained Black

Floral Black Insect Garland - Beetle, Bee, Cicada

Out of Stock
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