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Finding New Symbols is a first-hand account of an extraordinary occult experiment, and of the revision of the imagery of the traditional Tarot that was the result. With this, her fourth book, Thompson has extended the system of English Qaballa into the realm of divination and created a significant landmark in the reformation of modern occultism.


This definitive proving of English Qaballistic theory and practice began with an investigation into the hierarchy of the Company of Heaven whose Names are written in Liber AL vel Legis, in order to discover the possibilities of constructing a system of chthonic ritual based upon the model of the Complete Tree of Life. This work led on to a set of symbolic correspondences with the 28 spheres, which in turn suggested a corroborating study of the 28 Lunar Mansions. Then came the unexpected revelation of the English Qaballistic Tarot, and with the 26 letters properly assigned upon the Tree; a corresponding solution was found to the problem of attributing the 27 Trigrams of Liber Trigrammaton sub figura XXVII. The stages of this magickal exploration are described in detail by Thompson, with a full set of interpretations for the EQ Tarot.

Finding New Symbols

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