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Copper electroformed Faithful Beauty Moth complete on a 20” gunmetal copper chain. Gunmetal and blue patina moth.


The faithful beauty moth or Uncle Sam moth was first described by Gottlieb August Wilhelm Herrich-Schäffer in 1866. This day flying moth is often mistaken for a butterfly until you see its feathery knob-less antennas. These moths tend to eat plants with toxins. These toxins, present in both caterpillars and adults, is bad news for any animal that may eat them. Their bright colors (which are useless at night), warn potential predators that they taste bad, so beware. We adorned these moths with nocturnal symbols. Moonstone, stars and the moon.


Rainbow Moonstone is ruled by Cancer, Sagittarius & The Moon and increases intuition, psychic ability, aids in lunar magics, dispels depression and promotes positive changes & transformation. This polished Rainbow Moonstone is set in an ornate .925 Sterling Silver pendant.


Moths measure approximately 1.5” x 1.35".

Size, shape, color and pattern may vary as no two stones or moths are alike.

Faithful Beauty Moth Necklace

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