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Copper electroformed Dual Egyptian Falcon with Blue Opal on an 18” copper chain.


Horus, brother of Ra and symbol for the Pharaoh, is often seen in the form of a falcon. From the very earliest of times, the falcon was worshipped in Egypt as representative of the greatest cosmic powers. Horus was known as the god of war and sky. For centuries, Opal symbolism and lore included associations with royalty and good luck.


Blue Opal is ruled by Venus & Libra and aids in soothing energy to reduce tension and clear unnecessary thoughts from the mind. It eases communication and increases confidence. It also encourages ideas to flow more freely.


Pendants measure approximately 1.75” 1.0”


Size, shape, and color may vary as no two pendants are exactly alike.

Dual Egyptian Falcon Necklace

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