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In this updated edition of a classic John Dee resource, Dr. Stephen Skinner has added more than 100 pages of translated text so those who don't know Latin can read the fascinating chronicle of Enochian magick from beginning to end entirely in English.


With an 8" x 10" trim size—decreased from the first edition's large-size folio format—this exceptional second edition will be a welcome addition to the enthusiast's shelves. This edition retains the impeccable scholarship of the first edition, which was the first corrected, updated, reader-friendly version of A True & Faithful Relation of what passed for many Years between Dr. John Dee... and some Spirits, transcribed and prefaced by Meric Casaubon in 1659. This edition also retains the detailed introduction, appendices, extensive footnotes, supplementary texts, additional illustrations, Dee timeline, and much more.


This is the second edition of the corrected, reorganized, fully annotated book of Dr. John Dee's fascinating diaries and writings, which chronicle in stunning first-person detail Dee's invocation of the angels and the reception of their Enochian system of magick, his experiments in alchemy, and experiences in the courts of the crowned heads of Europe.



Dr John Dee's Spiritual Diary

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