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One copper electroformed Double Edged Sword with a Faceted Brecciated Jasper Drop complete on a 24” soldered copper chain.


This is the perfect unisex necklace. Long sword with a Brecciated Jasper stone blood drop. The swords pommel is of an untamed feline. A phrase with two meanings. Physical: a sword that has sharp edges on both sides. Metaphorical: A word or action that has both favorable and unfavorable consequences. You mess with the cat you get the claws. Human and animal trait of reasoning. The wicked sword turns every which way, which burns the souls of humanity, with its resultant stings of regretted decisions.


Red Jasper is ruled by Taurus, Venus & Mars, and promoted mental & emotional stability, physical healing, especially of the liver & kidneys, aids in protection & reversal magic, and removes relationship blockages.


Sword with drop measures approximately 3.5” in length.


Size, shape, and color may vary as no two stones are alike.

Double Edged Sword Necklace in Antique Copper with Faceted Red Jasper

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