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Conjure Codex V is dedicated to Jake Stratton-Kent, without whose vision this series would not exist.


This Conjure Codex brings to a close the first volume of the series; it was never our intention to theme the issues by colour, but that is what happened and so it is fitting that our final number is the black of moonless midnight. Jake Stratton-Kent was not only the driving force behind the Conjure Codex, but he has also been a pioneer in changing our perception of what used to be known as black magic—the magic of spirit conjuration, of speaking to the dead, of pact-forming and offering, of demons. His work with the True Grimoire and his seminal Geosophia: The Argo of Magic forever altered the landscape of contemporary goetic practice. With Jake at the helm, Conjure Codex began in 2011 as a means of facing and overcoming misconceptions surrounding spirit practice, and has since fulfilled its brief of breaking new ground in presenting inter-related material from a range of traditions.


Conjure Codex V showcases that new ground with essays by some of the leading scholars and practitioners working today. It is our great privilege to bring to you this black issue, and we thank all of you for carrying the work forward.

The Book of the Archangels by Moses the Prophet               
J. P. F.

The Magic of the Psalms
Patrick M. Dey          

It’s All Down in Black and White - Thai Lanna Buddhist Occult Tattoos of Magickal Power        
Sheer Zed       

Sleeping with One Eye Open
Fredrik Eytzinger       

Τά έσχατα παύείν: To suffer the fate of death
Humberto Maggi       

Wheels of Divine Influence: The Iynx and the Strophalos
Harper Feist

Mother, Daimones and goêteia: ecstasy and civilization
Simone Baldacci        

Isis of the Magicians: the Faces of Isis in the Greek Magical Papyri          
Kim Huggens 

Every Nekuomanteia is a Katabasis: Ancient Insights for Contemporary Goetic Practice 

Corvid Codex
David Rankine

A Sable Passage: Black Light and the Magic of the Starry Road
J.M. Hamade  

Lodged Among the Graves: Towards A Practical Syllabus of Early Modern Necromancy
Alexander Cummins

Conjure Codex V

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