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The fourth issue of CONJURE CODEX contemplates the occult symbolism and meaning of gold: from treasures to planetary attributions to alchemy. Our fourth issue boasts cover art by S. Aldarnay and interior artwork by Victoria Musson, JM Hamade, Mani C. Price, and Erzebet Barthold.


Hadean Press excel themselves in this time of crisis with perhaps the most diverse volume so far of Conjure Codex. Herein we encounter an astonishing range of content.  Magical plant lore, always a relevant and welcome topic, is represented by Jack Grayle’s contribution, The Golden Guest; while Cath Thompson guides us in a Contemplation of Gold employing the English Qaballa. So too the Greek Magical Papyri are present and correct, in the form of Shadowmancy and PGM’s Rite of Helios, from Mani C. Price. Humberto Maggi surveys the long history of The Daimon and the Treasure from ancient beginnings to the legacy of the grimoires and beyond. Matters necromantic – an important aspect of our magical traditions - are explored by Gavin Fox, and the important and strangely neglected figure of Michael Scot is ably handled by Eldred Hieronymous Wormwood. In our first Picatrix related contribution J Swofford explores the magical imagery of the decans in The Picatrix Decan Art Project. A fascinating and most welcome exploration of territory entirely unfamiliar to me is provided by Erica Frevel, in Aztec Solar Magic: Blood and Gold, So too we welcome Veronica Rivas’ Revelations of the Great Yogini Sera Khandro dealing with aspects of Buddhist tantra. Victoria Musson brings us Gold Ripens as much by Moonlight as Sun, exploring the origins of poppets and their relevance to a broad range of cultures and their esoteric practices. Last but by no means least Anthony Nine delivers the Guns of Brixton, a thoroughly modern and culturally significant piece which pulls no punches.

Besides these stellar texts in the Gold issue, the reader will be delighted by the beauty of the pages, luxuriously embellished as they are. Thus, without more ado, I present Conjure Codex Four for your edification and delight! — Jake Stratton-Kent, Editorial


Table of Contents

The Golden Guest
by Jack Grayle

A Contemplation of GOLD  
by Cath Thompson

Shadowmancy and PGM’s Rite of Helios  
by Mani C. Price

The Δαίμων and the Treasure
by Humberto Maggi

Treasures of the Grave: A Practical Guide for the Aspiring Necromancer
by Gavin Fox

Michael Scot: The Life of a True Magician
by Eldred Hieronymus Wormwood

The Picatrix Decan Art Project
by J Swofford

Aztec Solar Magic: Blood and Gold
by Erica Frevel

Treasure of Heart Essence: The Revelations of the Great Yogini Sera Khandro
by Verónica Rivas

Gold Ripens as much by Moonlight as Sun
by Victoria Musson

Guns of Brixton
by Anthony Nine

Conjure Codex IV

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