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 “The book is eminently readable and leads the reader logically through the Tree of Life, its Paths and the Four Worlds, making sure to quote the relevant passage from the Bible, Sepher Yetzirah or Zohar along the way, rather than just stating things as facts. All in all one of the best books on the Qabalah to have been published, one that not only goes back to the roots, but also beyond the G.D. Crowley, Dion Fortune axis, while focusing on the use of the Qabalah in practical ritual, talisman making and pathworking."

                                                                 - Dr. Stephen Skinner (Foreword to the first edition, 2005)  


Qabalah is a dynamic system of esoteric philosophy that explores the nature of divinity, the universe, the human soul, creation, the function of life and a whole range of other philosophical and metaphysical subjects. Qabalah offers a challenge to anyone who chooses to practice it, for it presents a path to the infinite, which unfolds conditioning and challenges views, whilst at the same time reinforcing all of the best qualities in the student.

The success of Qabalah is demonstrated by the effectiveness of its practices, and the way that it has come to permeate so much of modern magical practice.  It provides a panoramic worldview and one can practice Qabalah with or without including ritual practice in your life. As with all other aspects of Qabalah, the choice of how you climb the Tree of Life is up to you.

Subjects covered in this comprehensive volume include:

  • The history and development of Qabalah
  • The Tree of Life: The Four Worlds, Sephiroth, Three Pillars, Triads and Seven Palaces
  • The Veils on the Tree of Life The Lightning Flash, TzimTzum, Tetragrammaton, Adam Kadmon and Qliphoth
  • The Shekinah and the Divine Feminine in Qabalah The Human Soul, Reincarnation and Guardian Angels
  • Practical methods for working with the Tree of Life, the Gods, Archangels and the Planets Colour and Number Correspondences
  • The Sephiroth, their symbols, temples and more. Ritual Techniques such as Pathworking, The Vibratory Formula, Divine Names, Fragrance, Magical Images, Assumption of Deity, The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, License to Remain, Middle Pillar, Lightning Flash Affirmation, and how to structure Qabalistic Ritual.
  • Talismans, including Kameas, Sigilisation, AIQ Beker and Planetary Timing.

Also included: additional ideas for Qabalistic practices, including The Tree of Life Tarot Spread, further invocations and meditations, Permutation meditation on the Divine Name and using the Qabalah in daily life.

Climbing The Tree of Life

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