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The function of this altar is to create a spiritual interaction with the deities Demeter, Hekate, Persephone, as well as the Pomb Gira Maria Padilla, and La Bruxa de Evora. We have consecrated candles for specific purposes with potent plant materials, incantation, and ritual action.


You can book a candle for any purpose/intention and for the fulfillment of general wishes. Services are every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday from  2pm -6pm. You can even choose the time to line up with specific events, astrological weather, or planetary hours 


Each candle is $5 and can be added on to any divination or consultation or purchased alone or multiple individual candles for different purpose, or grouped together to achieve goals: 7 candles over 7 days, for example. Specify when you book if you have a color preference, otherwise we will assign you gold for ancestral power, healing, and harmony, red for command, control, influence, and luck, black for witchcraft power, curse/breaking, banishment and destruction. Please add a brief description in your order notes of your petition.


Those who book in person readings have the option of lighting their own candles in brief guided ceremony, and those who book remotely can request pics of card layout and candle.


Follow Nick @urbanwizard for pics and video of services on the day they happen, and seasonal updates to the altar and related products 

Bruxa de Evora/Persephone Oupokthonioy Vasileyi Blessed & Dressed Candle

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