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Chartres Cathedral's Subterranean Black Madonna


She stands in the ancient Druid grotto beneath Chartres Cathedral. Chartres itself is a symphony of sacred geometry, famous for its labyrinth and mysterious stone carvings relating the Virgin to the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant.


The Underground chamber where the Black Virgin stands is reputed to be an ancient temple of the Great Goddess. Chartres itself is also said to be the capital of the ancient Druid world.


This statue carries the magic of the Chartres tradition relating to the pre-Christian image of the Virgin Who Will Give Birth. The ancient idol of the virgo paritura (virgin giving birth) was preserved in the Druid Grotto underneath the cathedral and was said to be a black statue of Mary. Chartres also has associated with it the ancient cult of the Well of the Strong.


The underground Black Madonna reflects the Hecate and Persephone archetypes. A powerful image of great symbolism


8 1/2" resin statue, black stone color finish.

Black Madonna de Sous Statue

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