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A gorgeous bright flower to have in your gardens and borders! Easy and drought-tolerant they make long-lasting cut flowers. Start inside 8 -10 weeks before the last frost date. After 2 pairs of true leaves appear transfer to larger containers. Before transferring to the garden accustom plants to the outside by moving to a sheltered shady area for a week.


Seed information:

  • Lifecycle: perennial
  • Sun requirement: sun
  • Spacing: 12"
  • Depth: 1/8 inch
  • Packet weight: 360mg
  • Bloom season: Late spring to summer
  • Height: 12" - 36"
  • Uses: drought tolerant, pollinator, cut flowers
  • Low maintenance: yes
  • seeds/oz: 100000
  • Sowing method: transplant

Black Eyed Susan-Rudbeckia Hirta

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