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A figure from Russian folklore, Baba Yaga embodies the Wild Woman. If encountered, this scary crazy old lady will either eat you, put you to work, or give you advice. If she gives you advice, the outcome will be better than you could imagine. If she puts you to work, the work will be hard but you will do better than you ever dreamed possible. If she eats you, well, better luck in the next life! In story and song, she is a Russian witch, best known for her dealings with Vasalisa. Around the mortar are images from one of these tales. She rides her mortar, using her pestle as a rudder, and sweeps away her tracks with a broom as she travels the night sky.


Measures 7 1/4 inches in height by 7 1/2 inches wide, with a depth of 4 inches, made of polyresin

Baba Yaga Statue

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