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A Prince among Spirits explores the significance of the universality of the name Foras and its variants, and the common identity of the figure behind these names.

The spirit discussed here has been variously known as Foras, alias Forcas; as Furcas, Parcas, Forcase and Lewteffar aka Falcas. He may also rightly be called Abarak, and appears in the Grimorium Verum as Surgat, a name also prominent in the Grimoire of Honorius where he is also known as Acquiot and Aquiel, the latter also known from Faustian grimoires and The 6th & 7th Books of Moses as Aciel and Aziel. From this alter ego the trail leads to the ancient Jewish apocalyptic literature, and to the earliest known Solomonic text, the Testament of Solomon.

A Prince Among Spirits Pamphlet

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