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Nick Dickinson

Circe Academy - Archived Classes

Nick Dickinson

Nick has been crafting and guiding rituals since the 1980s based on Greek folk magic, modern witchcraft theory, and the techniques of tantric yoga. Nick is also the owner of Hedgecraft Ritual Arts, and has been reading Tarot Cards for over 35 years. Originally taught how to read playing cards by his Greek/Roma family members, he took up Tarot as a natural extension of what the playing deck offers. His first (official) paying job was as a reader and spirit channel at a witchcraft shop in northern Massachusetts in the late 1980s. He has gone on to build a large clientele base of long term and repeat customers - many of  whom started with him in the 80s! In addition to his mastery of cards Nick has been practicing Witchcraft, Yoga and Meditation as a student and teacher for decades. His time spent as a Buddhist monk (Tantric tradition) and a Yoga teacher leader and teacher of teachers deeply  informs his approach to Tarot, Divination, and Spiritual Work.

*Stay Tuned for the 2023 Circe Academy Class Archives. Classes will be updated in approx. 3-5 business days after the conculsion of the class, and 3-5 business days after the conclusion of a multi-part course. For more information about Circe Academy Membership, which includes:

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