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The Hearth is considered the heart of the home in every culture that cooks. Here Hestia’s ever-flame attends the cauldrons that pour unto chalice and cafetiere alike – cooking up what nourishes family and familiars. It is a longstanding arcane axiom that you are what you eat – a principle long employed by both witches and humoural theorists to heal and enchant via the fundamental elemental influences upon the body and spirit. Here at the Hearth, you may find Tinctures & Elixirs, Kitchenware, Coffee & Tea, Glassware, Oils & Sauces, and all the things to make your home is where your hearth is.

Orphic Hymn 84 to Hestia:

"To Hestia, Fumigation from Aromatics. Daughter of Kronos, venerable dame, who dwellest amidst great fire's eternal flame; in sacred rites these ministers are thine, mystics much blessed, holy and divine. In thee the Gods have fixed their dwelling place, strong, stable basis of the mortal race. Eternal, much formed, ever florid queen, laughing and blessed, and of lovely mien; accept these rites, accord each just desire, and gentle health and needful good inspire."

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