Jacqui Allouise-Roberge

Witch, Psychic and Owner of The Cauldron Black. View Jacqui's Full Bio Below.

Visit our Spirit Parlor at The Cauldron Black

When you enter our shop and schedule a reading with one of our gifted psychics you will be shown into our private Spirit Parlor - light a remembrance candle for your dearly departed on our Ancestor Altar, sign up for our Rituals, Receive messages from your loved ones and the Universe in your private reading session and further your spiritual education by attending our Classes and Workshops.

For more information on our Current Class, Workshop and Ritual offerings please visit our Classes, Events & Workshops Page or contact us:





Rev. High Priestess Jacqui is an ordained reverend, psychic reader, and practicing witch observing Strega, Asatru, Voodoo, Quimbanda and Kemetic traditions. Shes has been drawn to Witchcraft her entire life and began reading at the young age of 13.

In 2015, Jacqui founded The Cauldron Black as an online store offering products, readings and consultations. In August 2017, she opened the brick & mortar store in historic Salem, M.

Jacqui ministers to those seeking spiritual guidance through psychic readings, magical consultations, custom spell-work, classes, lectures and workshops.

Being "Head Witch In-Charge" at The Cauldron Black, Jacqui is available by special appointment only at select times during October and off-season.


To book your session with Jacqui, please call 978-744-2492


Modern Magical Mysticism

Justice the Wizard is a professional diviner, spiritual worker, visionary, empath & practicing Witch living in Salem, MA. Justice offers special services, intensive consultations, and other mystical arts with the aid of magical knowledge, psychic intuition, and inner spirit guides. As a medium for the spirit world, Justice uses a variety of divination tools to relay messages, such as the Tarot, Lenormand Oracle Cards, & is the only reader offering Bone-Throwing and the Ancient Greek Orphic Oracle in Salem.

Justice is available for in-person and phone readings on

Tuesday: 12pm-7pm

Wednesday: 12pm-7pm

Thursday: 12pm-7pm

Friday: 12pm-8pm


Shamanic Witchcraft Practitioner

Paige Zaferiou is a natural medium and reader as well as spirit-initiated shamanistic Witch. She has trained and studied with some of the finest readers and practitioners from diverse traditions and locales. Native to New England, her work in Salem is founded on a deep connection to this land and experience gained through intense spirit-led initiation.

Paige is also a fine artist and author who can occasionally be found teaching classes on the mundane and magical uses of loose leaf tea.

Paige is available for in-person and phone readings on

Monday: 12pm-7pm

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