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A major water spirit from the Yoruba religion, Yemaya is known as the Ocean Mother Goddess and is often depicted as a mermaid. She is fiercely protective of women and children, taking on a motherly role and presiding over child safety, love and healing. Like water, she can be calm, but extremely turbulent and destructive when angered (which does not happen often). Yemaya represents all who are cool under pressure, with a deep inner strength that is sometimes underestimated. You have enough strength and power to take on any obstacle - you just have to unleash it.


.925 sterling silver free of allergenic metals like nickel and coated in rhodium for superior luster and durability. Our 925 sterling silver is always free of allergenic metals like nickel. To ensure superior luster and durability, it's coated in rhodium - a metallic element resistant to corrosion.


  • Handcrafted and hand-polished Amphitrite coin pendant with a dynamic triangular bale
  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Cut-out with Negative Space
  • Sterling Silver Saturn Chain
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for jewelry special order

Yemaya Sterling Silver Pendant with Light Blue Enamel Saturn Chain

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