Nick Dickinson of Hedgecraft Ritual Arts was born into a Greek/Roma tradition of house-craft and curse-breaking. His grandmother gave him the ancestral lineage blessing and transmission of Xematiasma (evil-eye removal) ritual when he was 11 years old. Nick has been using and experimenting with the content and structure of the ritual for over 35 years. This workshop 2 hour introduction workshop includes:

• A brief history of Greek evil-eye lore
• Exploration of xematiasi ritual structure and content
• Tantric yoga crossover (drishti and the evil eye)
• Meditation and group ritual xematiasi
• Transmission of technique
• Advice and methods on how to develop curse-breaking skills

About Nick:
I've been studying and practicing magic and witchcraft for over 35 years. My own practice is best described as a type of feral hedgecraft influenced heavily by tantric Buddhism. I have been reading cards and crafting spell work for family and friends since the 80s(my first paying job was reading tarot and channeling spirits at a new age store near my house in 1986), and was a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition for 10 years. (1996-2006) For the past 10 years I have been teaching secular (not explicitly religious) meditation, yoga, and ritual practice.

Nick can be found on:

Pre-register price for attendance is $25, or pay $30 at the door. Space is limited.


Xematiasma: Intro to Evil Eye Lore with Nick Dickinson, Saturday Feb. 9th 7:30pm


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