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Völuspá is the single most celebrated and discussed poem among all those that survive in Old Norse, the language of the Viking-Age Scandinavians.


In the poem, the god Odin raises a highly respected witch-like figure from the dead so that she may provide him with wisdom and prophecy. The witch presents him with an overview of the cosmos, his fate, and a prediction of social collapse, environmental devastation, and war (Ragnarok). She foresees that a green and renewed world will arise thereafter. Accessibly translated by scholar Mathias Nordvig (University of Colorado Boulder), this unique edition features gorgeous art by Rim Baudey and an introduction from scholar Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen (Nordic Animism). Edited by Joseph S. Hopkins (


The second edition of Völuspá: The Vision of the Witch newly features an original translation of the related eddic poem Baldrs draumar (‘Baldr’s Dreams’), new art from Rim Baudey, and a variety of new supplementary items.

Völuspá: the Vision of the Witch 2nd Edition

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