Tongue Jade Cicada Necklace

Tongue Jade Cicada Necklace


The “Tongue Jade” Cicada is rebirth magic through ancient death rites…The symbol of the cicada is of radical rebirth and transformation.  This cicada talisman is created from  an ancient Han Dynasty tongue jade that has been cast in pewter. Cicadas carved out of jade were placed in the mouths of the deceased before burial. It was believed that through sympathetic magic the spirit of the dead with the jade cicada placed in her mouth, would live on eternally. Every change is accompanied by a death of sorts. By wearing this talisman you are hereby giving yourself power to  death-doula yourself into a new iteration of yourself, however big or small the change may be.  Though you are changing, you still remember immortal quality of your magnificent soul. You are in tact and yet you are ever changing. Do you feel it? This necklace features pewter cast ancient tongue jade, jade cabochon, small emerald set into back detail and vintage brass engraved chain with gold overlay. Length 26”, pendant 2.25”


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