The Cauldron Black welcomes you to join us in a full moon devotional ritual led by Justice the Wizard.The Sermon of Aradia is taken from the pages of Aradia: The Gospel of the Witches, by Charles Leland. It is based upon Italian folkloric witchcraft and remnants and survivals of Greco-Roman pagan practices concerning Diana, Apollo-Lucifer, and minor deities of the Mediterranean. Through the acts of this ritual, participants are aligned with the power of the Goddess of the Moon in order to fulfill the Oath of Aradia: to teach the arts of the Craft to all who would use them for their own freedom and liberation. Utilize the energy of the full moon to solidify your goals and manifest your desires with Aradia as your guide.

Wed. Feb 20th- Full Moon in Virgo

Cost of pre-registration attendance is $10 to cover supplies, space, and time.

Cost of admission at the door is $15 per person if space allows.

Please register ahead of time as space is limited!

The Sermon of Aradia - a monthly Full Moon Ritual February 19, 2019 7pm-8pm


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