Learn how to read tarot with Mike of Shining Moon Studio and Katie of Erleichda Tarot, in this two part tarot workshop.

The first part of this session is devoted to learning the structure of the tarot. Here we give you the foundation on which to build your understanding of the cards so that you can start practicing with confidence. We will cover the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, as well as introducing you to the Court Cards of each of the 4 Minor Arcana suits.

In the second part, you learn and practice some simple spreads, as we guide you through reading prompts so that you can apply what you've learned! We'll be with you each step of the way and encourage every kind of question so you can understand this rich tradition of divination.

Katie is an intiuitve tarot reader, empath, teacher, and aspiring author. She has been studying and reading tarot for over 20 years. She combines her knowledge symbolism, corresponding astrology & numerology, and her intuitive understanding of each card to create a unique interpretation for each reading. She currently reads and teaches at The Cauldron Black.

Mike is a tarot reader living in Salem, MA. He grew up in Massachusetts and bought his first tarot deck at age thirteen in Salem. Mike loves everything Tarot and has been reading professionally for 5 years. He uses tarot for self-reflection and becoming aware of possible perspectives. He is the owner of Shining Moon Studio, a small company that sells Tarot merchandise printed from hand-carved Tarot imagery based off the artwork of Pamela Coleman Smith.

Cost of attendance for Tarot Party is $30.00

Tarot Party! with Katie & Mike, Sunday February 10th 7:00pm


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