Introduction to Tarot Level Two deepens insights from our 101 class. At the threshold of many old temples were carved two words: Know Thyself. In this class, we approach Tarot as a means to know, empower, and perfect our Selves. The work of this Level lays a foundation for lifelong practice and growth. $25 for cost of attendance, class is 7pm-9pm.

About the Lecturer:
Rev. Jonathan Sousa is an initiate of Stregoneria, which gives form to their devotion to the Goddess Diana. They have offered consultations with tarot and the Ephesian Letras professionally for 18 years with private and international clientele. A published author, their areas of focus are Graeco-Italian mystery cults, the Magic of the Angels, and the use of both dark magic and weird science to smash the patriarchy

Tarot Level 2: The Soul's Mirror, Saturday May 5th


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