The Cauldron Black welcomes you to join us in a dark moon devotional ritual led by Justice the Wizard and The Witches of The Cauldron Black. The Supper of Hecate was traditionally served on the night before the new moon at the place where 3 roads meet, for the Goddess of Witches, the Dead, and the Underworld- she who has rule over Heaven, Earth, and Sea. Through ritual acts of service to Hecate, we find purification and ablution- the permission to free ourselves from our pasts and find gratitude for our future.

Sun. February 3rd- Dark Moon in Aquarius


Cost of pre-registration attendance is $10 to cover supplies, space, and time.

Cost of admission at the door is $15 per person if space allows.

Please register ahead of time as space is limited!

Supper of Hecate, A Monthly Dark Moon Devotional,Tuesday March 5th 7pm-8pm


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