She-King Neckpiece

She-King Neckpiece


The Egyptian god Khepri was the horned beetle-headed god who held aloft the morning sun. To the Egyptians, the symbol of the scarab helped the wearer attain an immortal eternal spirit. The tusk is a ubiquitous symbol of wisdom and strength of character. Ganesha, the Elephant-headed god in the Hindu religion, has one broken tusk. There are many stories of how Ganesha broke his tusk, but the tales all depict Ganesha’s broken-off tusk as a reconciliation of the “me-other” duality. This conflated duality, this connectedness, is the true nature of wisdom. The ruby, in Hindu culture, contains fire and is considered the “King of Stones.” This necklace is for those She-Kings who take the responsibility of their role seriously and who are ready to step into their sublime wisdom. This necklace features brass tusk from India with brass inlay and Ruby, pewter casting with antique-gold overlay, vintage brass scarab stamping with antique-gold overlay, natural Pyrite bead chain, Ruby beads on edges. Length 16” with 3” extender, pendant 3.5”

*Please note that all tusks will be similar, but have slight variation in the shape of inlay material.


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